New Puppy Parent Checklist

Are you ready for a new puppy? Bed, food, bowls and toys prepared? Follow the Tailwise checklist for new puppy owners for advice, tips and information on making your puppy's arrival safe, straight forward and happy!

Prepare The House

Puppies are inquisitive and love chewing and playing.

Make sure your floors and surfaces within reach to the puppy are clear of-anything hazardous (cleaning products or chemicals), precious items (photographs, personal items), choking hazards (small toys, jewellery), electric wires


Decide where in the house your puppy is going to sleep.The area should be somewhere where the puppy feels safe and won't be disturbed but that is also not too far away from family life.

Decide whether you plan to crate train your puppy, if so you will need an appropriately sized crate. If you have a large breed of dog this may need to be a crate with a dividing wall that you can gradually make bigger as the puppy grows.

If not crate training the puppy should still have its own area with a bed or bedding so they can go there to feel safe while sleeping.

It's a good idea to get more than one bed or blankets as it's likely to be damaged in some way by your puppy and may need swapping out whilst in the wash or replaced completely.


Make sure to consult with your breeder about what food your puppy is on and whether they will provide you with some of this food.  You may decide to change your puppy's food. If you decide to do this you should research as much as possible which food is right for your puppy's needs as well as seeking the advice of a vet.

Still begin by feeding your puppy what they have been fed by their breeder and slowly introduce their new food as puppies can have sensitive stomachs.


Anti-tip bowls are usually a good idea for puppies as they can sometimes be a bit clumsy around their food and drink.

Fresh water should be constantly available.If your puppy is eating too fast and giving themselves stomach problems, consider a slow feed bowl.

Are you thinking about getting a dog?

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A huge part of puppies' development comes through play so your puppy should have a variety of toys available to help explore their new world.It's good to have a mix of hard chew toys for teething and keeping their teeth healthy, and soft toys for play hunting, throwing and catching, and mental stimulation.

Collar and Lead

Find a collar that fits just loosely enough to be comfortable for your puppy but not too loose that they can slip free.

You will need to regularly check the fit of your collar and change it as your puppy grows.Start with a short lead that you can have good firm control over, once you and your puppy are more comfortable with walks you can try out different types of lead that suit your walking style.


Some breeders offer a few weeks of free insurance with your puppy, it's important to find this out beforehand.You should research and purchase insurance before you get your puppy to avoid any problems within the early stages.

Pet insurance can seem incredibly daunting as there are so many different types and covers. Try not to panic. Use a comparison website to sift through providers, read reviews and thoroughly read through what is included in your plan.

Vet Registration

Have your puppy checked out as soon as possible, even if this has already been done by the breeder.This not only gives you reassurance that everything is ok with your new puppy but it is also a chance to get expert advice on any issues.Take the opportunity to make sure your puppy is up to date on their vaccinations and is microchipped, as well booking them in for their next injections.

Also Consider

  • A baby gate if there's certain areas of the house you know you don't want your puppy to be in.
  • Researching and enrolling in puppy obedience and socialisation classes
  • Grooming products if your breed needs regular grooming: brushes, combs, shampoo (your breeder will likely have some recommendations)
  • Puppy treats for positive reinforcement
  • Toilet pads- some people disagree with the use of toilet pads but in some circumstances they may feel necessary.

Do your research and make your decision based around your circumstances.

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