Is Having a Dog Good For Your Health?

Discover the 10 amazing ways science has found having a dog can benefit your health, from reducing blood pressure to preventing allergies!

There are many benefits to having a dog. If we had the chance we could list thousands! But here we're focusing on the ways in which having a dog in your life is good for your health. You can't argue with science, so maybe you should get a dog?

Decrease blood pressure

Studies have shown that spending time with your dog reduces blood pressure, slows your heart rate and even reduces cholesterol.

One study in Sweden even showed that dog owners have an 11% reduced risk of cardiovascular disease!

Lower chance of having allergies

Research indicates that children who grow up in a household with a dog have a reduced chance of developing asthma and other related allergies.

Improve response to stress

As well as reducing blood pressure, being with your pet releases serotonin and dopamine, neurotransmitters associated with happiness and relaxation.

Increase mobility

Even a lazy dog needs to go outside every day, which means their owners do too! Walking can help to improve general health, reduce stress and contribute to maintaining a healthy weight.

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Provide companionship

It's not just the dogs themselves that prevent loneliness, but meeting fellow dog walkers encourages conversation for those less likely to seek out new friendships and for the elderly who find it harder to socialise.

Alert owners to medical problems

Dogs have incredible senses that can pick up a variety of problems that are not apparent to humans. Some dogs can sense a seizure about to happen, low blood sugars in diabetics and some can even smell cancer!

Reduce symptoms of mental health problems

As well as trained therapy dogs, simply owning a dog can help manage symptoms of anxiety, depression, PTSD and other mental health difficulties. Dogs can give people a sense of purpose, structure to their day and a sense of security and calm.

Enhance recovery

Some studies have indicated that being with your dog can help reduce perception of pain, especially among children.

As shown above, dogs also reduce stress levels, encourage exercise and increase socialisation, all of which have been shown to speed up recovery times.

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