Dog Breeds That Love Living With Other Animals

See our list of ten breeds that are happy to live alongside other animals.

If you've got more than one pet in your home, finding the right dog breed can be really difficult as not every pup will be sociable. Whilst every breed can ultimately learn to live alongside other pets, they are certain ones that make the adjustment much quicker than others.

Bernese Mountain Dog

bernese mountain dog puppy

The classic gentle giants, they are affectionate, easy going and patient, meaning they are happy to put up with puppies and babies alike.

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black affenpinscher running

These little dogs are fun loving, energetic and playful and so will generally get on well with other animals and children. Despite their miniature size they're not pushovers and so will not be intimidated by larger pets.

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Bichon Frise

white bichon frise puppy at the beach

Bichons were bred to be companions and so get on well with most other animals. They're sociable, playful and cheerful making them a great addition to any household.

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Finnish Lapphund

brown and white finnish lapphund and a black and white finnish lapphund running in a field

The Lapphund is a rare breed outside of Scandinavia but would make a fantastic addition to any household. They are intelligent dogs whose curiosity and gentleness make them at ease around other animals and children.

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Irish Setter

gorgeous irish setter standing in a woodland stream

This gorgeous breed is extremely affectionate and loves the company of its family, which could happily include other animals or children. However, as a hunting dog they may instinctively see small animals as prey and should be introduced carefully if at all.

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black newfoundland dog in field with poppies

These gigantic dogs don't look like they'd be the perfect companion to other animals but don't be fooled, Newfies are incredibly docile and gentle. In fact they are so good with children that they are often called 'nanny dogs' thanks to their calm and loving temperament.

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Boston Terrier

black and white boston terrier puppy sitting in his dog bed

Bostons are little balls of energy that are generally happy-go-lucky and playful and so love spending time with others, be it humans or animals. Boston Terriers can be territorial though so proper socialisation is required for them to be at ease around other pets.

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Shih Tzu

black, brown, and white shih tzu puppy lying on a white bed

Shih Tzus are loyal, affectionate and outgoing and thanks to their friendly nature are perfectly happy to get on with most other animals and children. As with any dog though, they have to be socialised early on as they can be stubborn when attempting to introduce them to new things.

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Labrador Retriever

black labrador running through a river

Still one of the nation's favourite breeds! Labradors tend to top every dog list, from most intelligent to most popular so it's no surprise to see them here too. Labs are extremely trusting, good natured and easy going meaning that they're happy to spend time with other animals too.

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light brown leonberger standing in long grass by the sea

These huge dogs are primarily family dogs and are extremely loyal to their owners. Their gentle, loving natures, coupled with their flexibility makes them at ease when with other animals and dogs.

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